Shopping Adventure Ahead!!!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

Today, Pam, Mom & I are going Christmas shopping in NY!   Mom has my super fluffy blanket in my stroller and I'm wearing my favorite outfit for the trip.   Daddy is flying the plane and we are sooooo looking forward to the trip.   Daddy is going to visit with my grandma while we "girls" go shopping!   I can't wait to get to the doggie boutique on 5th Avenue and pick out things for my Christmas "wish" list!!!!   We're going to have lunch at Carnegie Deli and also going to be bringing back some NY hard rolls and of course a cheesecake.

Look out Manhattan!   We are on the way!!!!



p.s.  Scarlett is going to stay home during this trip.   She's kinda big and really not into shopping.   I fit perfectly in my Mom's shoulder bag and I LOVE TO SHOP!