Shopping at the coast!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

Yes!  That’s me, hiding in my stroller!  I’ve spent the last two hours “posing” with people and /or their pets.  I was walking/strolling down the sidewalk and suddenly we heard…”Omggggg, isn’t that Abigail”?   It was some friends that have a house at the beach, two doors down from us.  It was soooo good to see them and my diva buddy Bella.   We were taking pictures and catching up on the latest when Alissa, Bella’s Mom, heard someone say….look, there’s Abigail and Bella.   It was Molly, Willow and their parents….more buddies from our neighborhood.   I saw soooo many friends….and we had ice water, treats and we all hopped into my stroller and chilled.   Daddy had my fan going in my stroller…and all of my furbaby buddies wanted in!   Several people stopped by because they recognized me from my blog…it’s really a small world.  I told them about the big event on July 30th in Downtown Youngsville and they are coming! I’m soooo excited!

After our neighbors went on their way, we went to my favorite store and he was open!    Mr. Luther was there and was sooo happy to see me.   He carried me around introducing me to customers…more pictures 😱😱 and he didn’t even use his cane!  Daddy said he was so happy to see me that he ditched his cane!   He’s 93 and still manages his store.   I ❤️❤️❤️❤️Mr. Luther…always is spoiling me….he tells everyone he’s my great granddaddy. He told his helpers we would be back in a few and off we went…..hopped into the golf cart and went everywhere.  I had major beach hair when we got back but I didn’t care….I had soooo much fun.  

Stay tuned for more adventures!