Shopping with Daddy!

Posted by Abigail Zeneski on

Good morning!

We got an early start today and ventured out to Home Depot.   My Daddy is a great Pilot but believe me….he’s not a good shopping cart driver!   When we came out of the store…he took off with the cart and I was hanging on…and looking for my Mom!    Scarlett decded she needed a potty break on the way to the car …..her timing was not good at all!  I like going slow so my hair doesn’t get the wind blown look!   My hair was standing straight up when we got to the car….but no worries…….Mom brushed my hair, straightened my bow and I was back to my cute little self in a matter of seconds.   I told Scarlett ….next time she needs to just hold it!!!

Off we go!

Scarlett has terrible timing!

Nope, you aren’t seeing things!   I am sticking my tongue out at my Daddy!