Sooo much fun today!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

I had tons of fun today!   I got to see Jessica, Angela and Dakota at the airport and I had a tiny piece of a french fry or two from Dakota. 🤣

Ana and Renee picked us up at the airport and we went exploring the area.   The reservoir area is beautiful.   We stopped at several places and I made sure I left a little something behind at each stop. 🤣

If you’re looking for real estate in the Rocky Mount, Nashville area… definitely need to call Ana Joyner at:

Tell them Abigail sent you! 🐾❤️

It was really windy and my sunglasses kept getting blown off…..and now, we can’t find them.   But Mom and I are on one major search mission for them.    You should have seen my hair (Mom’s too) It looked like a porcupine standing straight up and it only got worse!   It was very windy but we flew high and avoided bumps in the sky!✈️


Mom, Ana, Renee and meeee!   The wind was sooo strong, I turned my head away…..I didn’t want to be blown away so I held on tight to Mom.