Soooo COLD!!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning everyone!!

Dad, Mom, Scarlett and I bundled up and got our 4 miles of walking in.   I only walked a couple of miles🐾   Mom bundled me up under my blankets in the stroller and I enjoyed the views as I was chauffeured around.   Scarlett LOVES the cold weather and was running around as if it was a Summer morning.   

Are you ready for Santa?  We are sooo excited!!!!!  Only a few more days    There is a package under the tree that’s making strange noises and it wiggles around.   There is no way I’m going near it.    Scarlett runs into Daddy’s office and leaves me to take care of myself when the package goes berserk!!!!   It’s strange how the package only “comes alive” when Mom is nearby.... I’ll keep you posted on the strange movements of the package and let you know what’s inside.   At first, I thought maybe we had a new addition to the family but whatever is inside doesn’t come out to eat or new siblings.  

Stay tuned and stay safe


Abi & Scarlett