Suffolk BBQ is my favorite place!!

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Hi everyone!

Yesterday, we flew to Suffolk, VA to Suffolk BBQ At The Airport for breakfast and it was sooo much fun!  

We love coming here and sitting outdoors!  So many tables to choose from and the scenery is great!

Scarlett & I are waiting for our “to go” snack.

Mom gave me a small bite of her egg and a taste of bacon but that was it.😱 I ate my Charron’s chicken, an apple and a carrot along with some of my dried food.

The restaurant has spacious accommodations.

There are private rooms for meetings too!

If you haven’t been to Suffolk BBQ at Suffolk Executive Airport in Suffolk, VA, you have no idea what you’re missing.   It is delicious!  Scarlett and I love going!  We sit outside under a huge covered porch and have the best seats to view the planes landing, taking off and the parachute jumpers.  Everyone is so nice and we’ve met lots of new friends.

Wayne, the owner.

Everything is delicious!  Dad & Mom love their baked apples and always bring some home.

Check out their website:

If you get a chance to go, ask for Brittany (and tell her Abigail sent you❤️🐾)   She is awesome!

We are hoping to visit again in the next few weeks!


Abigail & Scarlett