Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone!

Today is my birthday and I have had sooooo much fun!   I had a party with birthday cake!!!!   OMG!   I LOVE birthdays......especially mine.    My bestie, Macey gave me the most gorgeous diva (like me) doll with huge lashes!!!!  She's sitting on my bed where she can style and profile and everyone can see her!   You should see the gorgeous Memory Box that Pam gave my mama......with my name engraved on it.   It's going to sit in the master suite on the table.........soooooo elegant!!!   After my party......I was sooooo tired.   Mom took my dress and bow off and let me chill.....for a few minutes....and I took a nap.....until Daddy decided we all needed to take a long walk around the golf course.......Mom put all of my traveling gear on my stroller stocked with all of my belongings and off we went.   I am going to go to bed early tonight and hang my Do Not Disturb sign outside of my teepee........

Thank you for the Happy Birthday really made my day!!!



Check out this picture!   I'm eating cake!!!!!!'s doggie cake......still very delicious!   I pretended it was grown up cake and it was delicious!