Triangle North Executive Airport has a NEW LOOK!!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

My favorite airport has a new look!  The airport has new paint and lots of other things......I just love this airport.  As soon as my Mom and Dad get to our hanger, the first thing Mom has to do is take me over to the FBO and let me visit!  I get lots of pats on the head and, I "perch" on the back of my favorite sofa while my Dad finishes up the flight plan, etc.......this sofa is over the top and I usually fall asleep in just a couple of minutes.......

If you're a pilot and fly rescue flights for Pilots N Paws, you really should make it a point to either pick up or drop off rescues at this get discounts on fuel for flying RESCUE PUPS!

Plan on dropping in and seeing the new face lift at the airport......My Mom is always literally "hanging of the window of the plane" taking pictures of the new paint job on the runway from the air, etc.....sometimes I think she should just sit on the wing to get a better view and stop putting me in the back seat while she does her photos.

If you get a chance to stop or fly in to Triangle North Executive Airport, make sure you tell them that Abigail sent you!!!

Happy Adventures