Wait for me!!!!!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

I had to make a "pit stop" and Daddy & Scarlett got ahead of me!   I wasn't happy at all and as my granny would say "I was pitching a fit"......But, Mom stepped it up and little and we caught up!   It was cold this morning!  Well......cold to me.......I'm not comfortable unless it's at least 72 degrees.  Mom puts my sweater on and off we go.  Check out my awesome bow that my bestie's Mom gave me......I love it!!! Macey (my bestie) isn't into bows but I'll take a bow any day....I love them and the bigger the better.

We have a new large assortment of bows in stock at the boutique.....only problem is.....we're still under stay at home order and boutique is closed......they aren't offered online.  Stop by to see us once the stay at home order is lifted.....I can't wait to see all of our customers, friends, furbabies, etc!

We miss everyone!

Abigail & Scarlett!