We are almost at Ocracoke Island!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Scarlett and I really like coming out to Ocracoke Island!  The scenery is soooo pretty flying over to the island.....I don't like getting wet and I run faster than the speed of lightening when I see the waves coming towards me.....my Daddy carries me but Scarlett, my BIG sister, is a lab and she LOVES the water.......she does seem to have a problem when she gets out of the water......she runs up to me and shakes!   One shake from Scarlett and I am soaking wet!  But I love getting pushed around the island in my stroller.   If you're never been to Ocracoke Island, you should check it out.   It doesn't fast food drive thru restaurants, no chain stores or anything.......it's sooooo COOL!  

Stay tuned for more of my adventures!