We are in ATTACK Mode!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning,

It’s bright & early and the UPS guy is in the neighborhood.   We have packages coming today for the boutique and I’m READY for the guy!   😂😂😂😂 I hope it’s the guy that freaks out if he sees me at the door!  He knows I’m fearless and I don’t like it when he walks up to the front door…I go into attack mode….Scarlett chimes in to and we are better than any alarm system!   Scarlett’s hair stands straight up on her back, she’s barking to the top of her lungs…..trying to out do me in the barking dept (which will never happen) I’m standing up on the door, showing him my perfect teeth that are really sharp and ready for action.  He rushes up a step or two, drops the packages and runs away as fast as he can.   It’s soooo funny.   I wanted Daddy to let me post a video of him from the security cameras but Daddy said no….that’s a mean thing to do.🤣. I don’t think so..I think it’s funny and you will too…poor guy is obviously scared.  One day Scarlett & I were upstairs and the delivery guy thought the coast was clear….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Scarlett ran downstairs…straight to the door, I was hanging thru the railing upstairs screaming at him…he tripped down the front steps and landed in the bush……Mom and I were rolling in the floor laughing………Scarlett had things under control.. I don’t do stairs….I fell down the stairs a couple of times when we first moved here and now I just yell when I’m ready to go downstairs and someone comes and gets me.  Daddy has had lots of one on one sessions with me trying to help me get over my fear of the stairs but he has a long ways to go.   He’s teaching me to go from one side to the other …very slowly,,,on each step but it takes forever….much better to just yell when I’m ready.