We are in Lancaster, PA ✈️

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Good morning!
It’s been another busy week!   We were in Lancaster, PA and I love the new Alliance Air building at the airport.  It’s over the top!   There is a fantastic restaurant with inside seating or you can choose to sit outside and watch the planes….plus there is a huge firepit!    The new FBO has soooo much room, great seating with awesome views of the runway and the upstairs pilot lounge is, by far, the best with even more awesome views!   We’ve been in a lot of neat airports but Alliance Air in Lancaster, PA airport is my favorite!   Dad & Mom ordered lunch from the restaurant so we all had lunch while Daddy worked on flight planning for our flight back to NC.  I was being carried around by Dad or Mom at all times…..no way was I getting into my stroller….I’d be flying in my own stroller!  The wind was awful!   I go into meltdown mode just thinking about being in my stroller and the wind pushing me down the runway passing an airplane on the runway….OMGGGGG!😱😱😱

Christina was working today and I was sooo happy to see her!  Scarlett tried to intercept and get all of her attention but she picked me up and I got extra hugs❤️   Scarlett is always prancing up to people wanting to shake their hands, pushing me out of the way with her nose!     Christina has her own furbaby and was telling us all about her fun times with her baby.  Maybe next time we are headed to PA, Mom will text Christina and she will have her furbaby at the airport too and we can have a Yappy Hour!   We have Yappy Hour at our doggie boutique and furbabies come with their parents, doggies love to socialize and meet new friends, have doggie beer, wear our Yappy Hour bling outfits, have a cigar treat and it’s soooo much fun.    Ummmm….I like this idea…..maybe a Yappy Hour at the airport!   I think I’ll suggest this to Christina.

If you get a chance to visit this airport make sure you ask for Christina and tell her Scarlett  & Abigail sent you. ❤️❤️❤️


We are with Christina! ❤️❤️❤️

Scarlett is always shaking hands with everyone!   

I love the outdoor seating!

Sooo spacious and the new building is beautiful!

Isn’t this gorgeous?   Scarlett & I would love to work here and greet guests/passengers as they arrive but this would be a long commute to work for us.  

I’m ready for Yappy Hour! 🐾❤️🦴

Lancaster is beautiful! 


Abigail & Scarlett