We are in New York!

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Good morning everyone!

We are at grandma’s!   I love coming to see her!  We always stop at the deli and get the best NY hard rolls stuffed with deli meat!   Soooo delicious!   Later during the day, we will order take out from Sal’s….delicious pizza!

 It’s cold up here!   Mom didn’t pack me any cold weather outfits…but it’s ok….I have my blankets and grandma has lots of afghan’s she made and I’m hunkered down in one,

I absolutely hate the elevator!  Omg!  I’d rather walk the stairs!  Daddy picks me up and stuffs me under his shirt! 🤣🤣🤣

Me & Grandma

Scarlett loves trying to sit in Grandma’s chair with her🤣

Do not disturb 

Daddy, Grandma and Scarlett (Scarlett always tries to be in the middle of everything)

Dad & Mom are unloading the car….I’m making sure they don’t forget me!

I see treats!

My bag (the most important piece of luggage) doesn’t go in cargo…..it rides inside the plane. 🤣

Heading out!


Abigail & Scarlett