Wheels up!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

We stopped by my mom’s favorite place on the way to the airport to pick up lunch and I got to see Nick!  If you haven’t tried Over The Falls in Wake Forest, NC, you’re really missing out!  The food is delicious.   Mom actually gave me a French Fry today which is very unusual.....since Scarlett and I don’t get “people food”.  We are going to have lunch once we get airborne.   I’ve been sniffing around our lunch basket to see if I can sniff out any treats in there....I think I did get a slight whiff of my favorite treat.

Mom writes “Places to Eat on the US East Coast for Pilots” and you KNOW she’s added Over The Falls to it.   Sometimes we Pilots & Co Pilots just want to fly somewhere and get a $100 burger at an airport restaurant.  But, sometimes we overnight in an area for a day or two and want great recommendations for places to go for great food!

We are on the way to pick up a mom and her 7 babies for their doggie  rescue flight to Caldwell, NJ.  We are headed to Savannah, GA, then back to our airport in Louisburg where Pilot Ken will meet us and continue their journey to Caldwell to a safe, no kill, shelter and soon they can all be adopted. 

Stay tuned for more adventures.   

If you get a chance to go to Over The Falls, ask for Nick and tell him Abigail sent you!❤️🐾✈️