Where is my Daddy & Scarlett?

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Dad, Mom, Scarlett and I are shopping and I can’t find Daddy & Scarlett!   I was standing up in the stroller, having a small meltdown because I didn’t see them but….happy girl now!  I like to know where everyone is…at all times.🤣

i see them!   

We have a busy day today and are headed back to Rocky Mount airport for a meeting and then on to Wilson for another meeting!  This is our 3rd trip out there this week!  We’ve met the cutest furbabies named Oscar and Annabelle!   You will hear more about them and about or upcoming event in Nash/Wilson county!

l will share some exciting news soon.  

Our “popcorn” themed outfits are in stock and are soooo cute!   We have bling bandanas, tutus and tank tops.   If you aren’t into bling, we have camp shirts and cute dresses with the popcorn themed matching leashes.   I ❤️❤️❤️them!