Where's the heat!!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

We are on the way to the mountains and it is cold in the plane.  Scarlett is giving me a really weird look......probably because I am sitting on top of the tote bag cooler.   It's tall and I can see out of the window without having to sit on the back of the seat and fall into the next row if we hit a bump in the sky.....Daddy just told me he has turned on the heat and I should be getting warm shortly.   I love sitting up high.   Usually I have my car seat with me but Scarlett's bed is huge and it takes up a lot of room in the row.   But, no problem....I just hop in there with her and she moves over to make room for me.  I think I'll "chill" for a while on the cooler and then take a nap.   It's only about a 90 minute flight.......I'll nap and feel fresh as a daisy when we land......Scarlett isn't really into flying.....she does it because she wants to go with us.......but she usually has Daddy carry her into the plane.......me.........well, Mama opens the door, plops me up on the wing and I go inside, get into my bed and I'm ready to go!   Scarlett gets in, sits there like a frozen zombie and not thrilled.....but as soon as we land........Scarlett kisses the ground and is back to her normal self........me..........forget kissing the ground.....I'm prancing up and down the wing of the plane, seeing where I am and letting everyone see how cute I am strutting!   :-)


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