Working on my Christmas list!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

I have been working on my Christmas wish list for 2 days!   Santa is going to be soooo confused.   I need to have a talk with him in person but I’m really scared of him.  Daddy took me to see him and I ended up almost on top of Daddy’s head.   I was getting out of there.   THEN, Daddy tried to put me in his lap…Santa was being really nice to me but I went in total meltdown mode and screaming as loud as I could….Mom grabbed me and we evacuated!   I was sooo upset….when we got inside the car, Mom covered me in my blanket, cuddled me and finally I calmed down.    Santa told Daddy since I’m so afraid of him….I should send him my wish list and maybe I’ll warm up to him eventually…..(I doubt it, but miracles do happen).

Stay tuned…