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Dog in the Closet

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Sparkle in the Closet is the brand name used for our people tees.  All of our rhinestone designs may be applied to our women's tees.  We offer six styles to better fit individual preferences.  The styles that we stock are:

  • Unisex T-shirt by Gildan - 100% cotton, heavy weight - 6.0 oz., loose fit
  • Women T-shirt by Gildan - 100% cotton, heavy weight - 5.3 oz, fitted
  • Women long sleeve t-shirt by Gildan - 100% cotton, heavy weight - 5.3 oz., fitted
  • Women T-shirt by Next Level - 100% cotton, light weight - 3.7 oz., tight fitted, runs small
  • Women V-neck T-shirt by Next Level - 100% cotton, light weight - 3.7 oz., tight fitted runs small
  • Women Tank by Next Level - Cotton/polyester jersey, light weight - 4.3 oz., tight fitted, runs small
  • Gildan T-shirts are available in sizes S - 3XL.
  • Next Level T-shirts and Tanks are not available in all colors or 3XL.  These run small.  Most customers will need to order a size larger than the size they normally wear.
We use Gildan and Next Level blanks for our people tees.  Next Level tees are a tigh fitting tee and run approximately one size smaller than the Gildan brand.  If you wear a size M in the Gildan brand you will most likely wear a size L in the Next Level brand.
Gildan (6.0oz.) Unisex T-shirt 
Gildan (5.3oz) Women T-shirt
Gildan (5.3oz) Women Long Sleeve T-shirt
Next Level (3.7oz.) Women T-shirt
Next Level (3.7oz.) Women V-Neck T-shirt
Next Level (4.3oz.) Women Tank